Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Abstract Art with Friends

Today we went to Kiara Park and together with 12 other children we did abstract painting. Kids were given paint brushes and lots of paint to do whatever they want! No restriction. You should see what the kids did.... they go all out.... so happy..... splattering without a care, painting their hands and feet and stamped away.... 

A nice spread of home made food for the hungry kids to munch on... after painting...the kids ran around the park, playing and exploring. We mummies lazed around chatting and munching on yummy food. What a great way to spent a Monday morning.

Happily helping themselves to the paint

Creative juices free flowing....

Do whatever you want... no restriction at all...

The kids master pieces

Reese's master piece

Younger kids' master pieces

Reese's enjoying himself
Yummy and healthy food

Hungry kids

art work drying

These two... were working on their art for more than an hour!

See what the kids found? frog eggs.... some of us took some home to see the eggs hatch!

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