Thursday, October 04, 2012

Science Co-Op

I initiated a science co-op recently and we had our first meet last Tuesday. It went well, all the kids got along fine and I was really impressed that almost all of them was able to named the parts of the organelles in a cell! I mean, the names are not the easiest to pronounce but the kids did well. One little girl can even remember and proudly said Deoxyribonucleic acid which means DNA! Amazing. These are kids are between the ages of 7-11 years old except Reese who has just turn 6. 

We did our learning in a playground and we will continue to have outdoor lessons whenever possible.  It is wonderful learning in the outdoor. Gentle breeze blowing, the smell of grass... ah! love it.

All the parents in our group are supportive and we will be taking turns to teach the children. We are currently doing Human Anatomy and Physiology. Kids did cells with me and our next meet will be about the skeletal system and so happen we have a parent who has over 16 years in orthopaedics! We also have a midwife and a pharmacist in our midst. The children are so blessed to have real professionals to teach them. :)

The kids enjoyed themselves. After the class, they feasted on snacks and played, played, and played!

Some photos:

Reese was quite distracted at the beginning. *sigh*

Kids watching an animated video on cells

Me teaching the kids. A lot of discussion and the kids came out 1 at a time to put an organelle
on my hand drawn cell and to explain it to all. Every child participated.

Everyone was asked to draw a cell of their own. Lots of hands on work.

See Reese in the background? *sigh*

We did a cell mobile and this is our group photo! Reese is the only boy in the group. :)

This is the cell mobile I did with the kids.

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