Friday, December 09, 2011

Shrink Plastic Craft

This is a really easy craft to do and the end result is amazing! 

The cost of making this craft was almost nil except for electricity! :) We did this craft in less than 20 minutes. We are going to make a lot more as gifts for Christmas. Hope you like it!

I recycled some plastic boxes for this craft. Look for food boxes/packaging like the above.  Most of these plastic boxes will have a small triangle with an indication of the plastic grade. Look for plastic #6
Cut the plastic accordingly and draw away! Use permanent markers like Sharpies (RM11 for 5 colors) or alternatively you can use color pencils (You need to use sand paper to roughen the surface of the plastic before you can color with color pencils).
Reese drawing and coloring 
City at night
Use aluminum foil or baking sheet as a base and put your plastic on top of the foil/sheet. Have a preheated toaster oven/oven at about 250-300 degrees.  If you have a very powerful hair dryer, you can use it too!
Watch the magic! In less than 3 minutes, your plastic will curled up and shrink and eventually it will flatten out.
Done! We have a nice looking art piece. After shrinking, the color of your art work becomes more intense and the size of your plastic will shrink to 1/3 of it's original size. Thickness of the plastic is about 2mm! I didn't have a puncher at the time of making this otherwise you can punch a hole before baking and later sting it to make charms, earrings, bookmarks, keychains, ornaments....etc

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