Thursday, December 15, 2011

FRIM Visit

At the start of the hike
Yesterday was a really adventurous and memorable day. First I finally met my schoolmate whom I have not seen for 18 years. We went for a picnic with our kids at FRIM (Forest Reserved Institute Malaysia) in Kepong. After a lovely picnic, Reese was asking to go for the canopy walk. So off we went in search of the canopy walk station. First we saw a sign that said 900 meters to the canopy walk station. Fine, we decided to try. Not bad at all, a big rocky path... long walk but the kids were fine. When we reached the base, another sign said 500 meters to the start of the canopy walk. What we saw ahead was actually a hike up the hill with no proper stairs but it looked manageable plus we didn't want to walk all the way back. It was a long walk. We thought that perhaps by walking on the canopy it will lead us back to the bottom. How silly of us. We were not prepared for the hike. I was wearing sandals with heals and Reese was wearing sandals too. We have no proper equipment and I was carrying my handbag! Crazy right? But we have no choice, so we started the hike. The kids were doing great and along the way we saw some fungi. As we hike up, it became more and more difficult and the kids were getting really tired. After all, it was half a km hike up a steep hill. Horror! We forgot the kids' water bottles. Poor kids were exhausted and thirsty. My friend had to carry one of her girls as she was about to faint! 

My dear friend, her twin girls and Reese at the picnic
After a very long and difficult hike we reached the canopy walk!! Yahoo!.... next challenge, my friend's kids were afraid of heights. Coaxing them on to the bridge was ok but as they walked on it.... they were truly afraid, it was so high up! Even Reese was afraid initially...but somehow... we got through. Phew! (later I found out that my friend was also afraid of heights!)
At the station. About to walk on the canopy!
At the start, everyone was a little scared!
Kids were more relaxed at the second part of the canopy walk

My boy, at this stage he was no longer afraid and was having fun
To our horror, we had to hike down the steep hill (500meters). Argggrrhh! This was the most difficult... it was steep and it was tough helping the kids down. Reese refused to touch anything for support because of mosses! Really difficult and time consuming. I felt like crying at one point! Miraculously we did it. 

Fungi we saw as we hike up
Once down the hill we had to walk the stony path back to the main road. It meant another 900meters walk! We were totally exhausted at the end and was sooooooo glad to see our car! All the kids declared that they hated FRIM.... hahahaha... 

What an adventure! Later I realized that my sandals' soles were torn. Crazy crazy crazy.... So glad to be home and I have aches all over! I asked Reese whether he still wants to go for canopy walk and he said yes! Next time we will be well prepared and we are definitely going to enjoy the scenery on the canopy! 

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Hahahaha what an adventure! Love the pics u took!