Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I dissected a praying mantis!

My dead praying mantis
While cleaning the apartment, at a corner of the balcony sliding door I found a praying mantis. Still wondering how it got there because I stay on the 12th floor! Anyway, when I found it it was already dead. Then I was thinking should I pick it up and let Reese view and perhaps dissect it ? 

See, I was a little afraid and used a tissue to hold it.
I let the idea pass because the thought of dissecting it..... errr... wasn't very appealing. For some reasons I just didn't even want to pick it up and throw it away. I was going to ask hubby to do it. :)

After dinner we came home and told hubby about it and asked him to remove it but hubby was already giving me weird looks and all! (He has a phobia of cockroaches). So I decided to be the brave one and picked it up. In my heart I knew it would be such a waste if we do not take a closer look at the mantis! So I did it. Reese looked at the mantis from all angles with a magnifying glass. Next he wanted to see the wings under the microscope then the legs and then the eyes...gosh... I was tearing each part of the poor mantis. Couldn't do the eyes though because it was too hard. Ha! I did it. All done in less than 15 minutes. Reese had fun and I guess I had fun too but also felt a little 'geli'. What is next I wonder but first I need a real dissection kit!

Busy looking at the eyes of the mantis. He was asking me why the pupils are!
Partially dissected praying mantis

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CL said...

eeewww .... I am not afraid of these insects, but dissect them .. still a big question mark ...