Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Art at 5 years 2 months

Love the perspective of the main buildings
Word Art
Not sure what this is but I just like the houses and apartments.

Love the fact that the house was almost submerged in the floor waters. It is pretty realistic.
After watching the youtube video of the Kajang flood.
At times, he likes to draw really fine and small buildings
Again, love the perspective of the suspension bridge
A rough sketch of the Penang bridge
Very creative! Alphabet soldiers at war!
Mr. F's house from the animated movie UP
I think this is in Florence, I can see the Duamo's dome falling! Can you? :)
Hurricane! See how the electrical cables got in the way... and buildings literally broke into halves?
Volcano eruption
Lightning being attracted to the tall rod... not sure what you call that... but it was inspired by a book he was reading about electricity


Anggie's Journal said...

he is really good hor , future architect :) do u enroll him in any art class ???

A gift from God said...

Hi Anggie, thank you for the praises! Reese is self taught. No art classes at all. We as parents do not interfere with his art. We only give him priases and enrouragement. :)