Friday, September 17, 2010

School Holiday

Drawing.... his drawing is getting better day by day... What you see here are trees (coconut tree, banana tree with a banana flower and papaya tree), flowers,fungi and many birds in the sky.

Enjoying his new book

Reese's school is off for 2 weeks and I was lucky to have a little more than a week's break from teaching and hubby got almost a week off from work. Usually when there is a long break we will travel but this time. We chose to stay home and not travel anywhere. It was a good break (no work and rest) for us all except a few really bad things that happened. (One of our car's all 4 rims and tyres got stolen outside our condo and another car of ours got a thermostat problem and had to be towed to the workshop!, then I fell sick for 2 days and now my dad is down with lung infection)

Oh well, just have to look at the bright side right? :)
So what did we do at home? Reese was happy because he gets to stay home alot to play and draw and watch some of his favorite cartoons and movies. You see, usually Reese will go to school and then to my parents place and stay there while I teach. We will go home only around 7.00-7.30pm. By the time home, it's usually 8pm and he only gets to play till around 9.30-10pm.

We also took Reese to Small Land in IKEA to play a few times and walked in shopping malls. Have a few nice meals outside. So that is our little break so far. Next week is back to work and school!

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