Sunday, September 19, 2010

Conversation with Reese

Yesterday over dinner at a restaurant.... I tried to eat some of Reese's fried chicken pieces and guess what he said?

"Hey! Mummy don't SIMPLY ACCIDENTALLY eat my chicken pieces!!!"

In the car on our way home (He didn't want to go home)

Reese: "Mummy Alien, baby alien doesn't want to go home"
Mummy: "We must baby alien. It's very late."
Reese: " I am sad mummy alien."
Reese: " Mummy Alien, baby alien is not a lucky alien anymore"
Mummy: "Why aren't you lucky anymore?"
Reese: "Because I am not."
Mummy: "Is it because you have to go home? Is it because you are not happy?"
Reese: "Yes!"

** He has been role playing that day with him being baby alien, I am mummy alien and daddy is daddy alien. I also explained to him what lucky means the day before. I told him when someone is lucky, everything that happens will turn out well/good and you have everything that you need and you are happy.....

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