Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Preparation....80%

Last minute hand made invitation

Toys we bought for the kids from Penang

Thank you note

Presents nicely wrapped up for the kids at school

  1. Invitation (Done) - Day before yesterday did last minute invitation card at about 11+pm till 1am.
  2. Cake (Done) - Reese decided to have Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese cake from Secret Recipe. Ordered yesterday afternoon.
  3. Wrapping presents (Done) - Did it just at with hubby at about 4.15am. Can't sleep after we were woken up by Reese because he wet the mattress!
  4. Prepare pictures and information for his birthday walk at school. (Not yet) - Too tired and busy... really have to do it by tonight.
  5. Helium balloons for the kids and Reese. (Not yet) - Have to order them today!
  6. Paper cups and plates, fork and spoons (Not yet) - Have to buy them today!
  7. Food preparation. (Not complete) - Need to go marketing afterwards.
  8. Present for Reese (Not yet) - Still not sure what to buy for our boy, bicycle or scooter?
** Had been very busy and tire with my dad being in the hospital and caring for him after he was discharged. No time to really plan Reese's birthday party. So it's going to be a simple party at school. It will be Reese's first birthday celebration with his school friends. Looking forward to it tomorrow. I am glad my dad and mom will be joining us at Reese's birthday party.


LittleLamb said...

I reckon too much isbeing done already. when u said simple...ah just thought food and cake. now u even had cards, gifts for the kids and I notice, some are gals and some are boy sets.

Anyway i m sure Reese will be one happy boy.

A gift from God said...


I wanted to make it a really memorable birthday for Reese since it's his first meaningful birthday with his friends. :) We bought those presents for the kids during our last trip back to Penang a month ago. :)

MeRy said...

Happy B'day to ur boy!!!

Leona said...

Today is happy belated birthday Reese!!!
I am sure you had a GGRREAATT time at ur party yesterday!

A gift from God said...

Thanks Mery and Leona...