Friday, September 17, 2010

Reese's Master Pieces II

A plate of Kuih Lapis (The 7 layer pink sweet cake)

A beautifully decorated house

Diving in deep sea and building sand castle on the beach

A big tree with lots of branches and twigs and leaves

Tsunami: Big waves swept away buildings, tree, fences, flags....

Chinese New Year house with lots of lanterns and oil lamps

Many many tall buildings

Special planets he see from the game Katamari and the Milky Way

A big fountain



Mr. F's house from UP

Sculptures (inspired after seeing a sculpture shop)


Science Centre

Mr. F's house from UP surrounded by many buildings

A house got hit by a few tornadoes

Reese's interpretation of Wall-E in his house filled with light bulbs and ketupats for decoration

A pagoda with lots of oil lamps and flags. Can you spot a Columbia flag?

Christmas trees beautifully decorated

One of my favorite. A space ship (left with a round body with letters XAN on it. Below it are the blasters) blasting buildings and causing them to collapse

A big house with alot of smoke coming out from the chimney

Hari Raya and Chinese New House. You can see oil lamps and lanterns and also light bulbs


mumsgather said...

He has got an eye for details!

A gift from God said...

Thank you mumsgather. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! He really is a rising star! My son, who is abt the same age, just scribbles circles on paper.

Leona said...

U know... u better keep all his masterpieces well...who knows...can start an exhibition for all his creations??? Really! They are so spectacular!

A gift from God said...


Thank you, all children are different... :)


We are planning to make a scrapbook of his art work... :)