Monday, December 30, 2013

Lego getting out of hand.....

Reese and his daddy have been spending hours building a LEGO city. It is getting very big and totally fun to build. Our city has a police station, fire station, some houses, shops, a construction site, a ruin, a library, a Star wars lab, bridges, a jail, a car workshop, a cemetery and etc. Lego is expensive in Malaysia but it is so worth the investment. I am going to keep our collection for my grandchildren!

For parents who are looking to get some used bricks or cheaper genuine Lego, check out E-Bay or get friends to bring back from USA. One way to save is to buy bricks instead of theme based LEGO sets. You can find all the LEGO instruction manuals for free in PDF format online. More specifically LEGO's website. There is a huge LEGO community where they share ideas, technique and many more in building LEGO. Reese and his daddy are working towards building interesting stuff using more specialised parts. Recently I bought 2 books on Lego and the boys are totally inspired!

These books are great. If you're a big LEGO fan, you've probably already seen tons of examples of what creativity and LEGO bricks can bring.

This is Reese's play area in the new house. See the shelves with colourful containers? That is where we keep our Lego collection. We separate the bricks according to colour and the specialised parts in plastic containers with compartments. 

Our city!

A Library

A mobile police station. Hubby used bricks we have and look up the instructions online to build it.

Fire station

Police station

Star wars lab. Only for Star wars figurines. 


Construction site

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