Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Microscope

A few months back, I invested in an expensive microscope. Prior to this, we have a toy microscope and it was fun to use. Since Reese is already doing high school science, it is only appropriate we get a proper microscope for his studies. 

I have been super busy with the new house renovation and then the move. Finally settled down and yesterday we explored the new microscope. I can only say WOW! The images were so clear and beautiful. The details that we weren't able to see before were amazing. Having a mechanical stage on the microscope makes the whole experience of looking at slides a breeze. What you pay is what you get eh? :)

I managed to capture some of the images on my iPhone to share with you but the photos do not do justice to the actual images..... 

Vitamin and wing

Onion cell and fibre

Another fibre and leaf

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