Saturday, May 28, 2011

Training Reese

So, it's been a few weeks now that we had been teaching Reese to be more independent as recommended by the pediatrician. We have some success but with a lot of stress and scolding poor Reese.

Poor fella has no idea why suddenly he has to wear his own clothes and brush his own teeth. So the initial 2 weeks, parents and child got mad at each other, a lot of scolding and shouting involved and all the unnecessary stress!!! Ahhhh... we all hated it.

Well, it's over now. Sort of. Reese has accepted that he needs to brush his own teeth and wear his own clothes. He can now brush his own teeth but at the end of it, I still need to brush the inside of his teeth properly. It's fine at least he can put his own tooth paste, brush, gaggle and wash/wipe his own face. He can also rinse off the toothpaste from the brush and cup.

As for removing his own clothing it's harder. He can't take off his own t-shirts. I myself do it by crossing my hands and pull up the t-shirt from the front. Tried teaching Reese that and it's too difficult. So asked the school teacher and then realized that you can do it by bending down and pulling your t-shirt from the back. Well, it's slightly easier but he still needs help. :) Plus his clothes are fitting doesn't help much.

Wearing his own clothes is easier and he is getting better at them. I just need to adjust his pants after he wears it.

Oh.... the past two weeks, Reese was good at school. Why? hehehe... been using the reward system and also a little threat of 'No Ipad' if misbehave. So far so good but now we have two weeks break from school. :(

Been tired of shouting at Reese. So instead of scolding and shouting, I just warn him and let him do whatever he wants and also tell him the consequences of his actions and guess what? He threw less tantrum and will actually do the right thing. Will definitely work on this method.

We are also removing his formula milk from his diet. We are down to our last tin and Reese only takes his milk in a bottle (Yes, he still drinks from milk bottle) before his afternoon nap.

Next on the list to train would be pee standing. He still sits and pee. Next February we will take Reese with us to Tuscany and Paris and him being able to pee standing helps a lot.

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