Friday, May 27, 2011

Ipad Addiction

Traveling in the car

Father and Son busy playing the same game

At my teaching place, while I teach he plays

Ever since we got the Ipads, they literary took away some of our quality time spent as a family. Initial weeks, Reese played with one, daddy with the other and me on my Macbook. All of us sitting in the sitting room busy away with our gadgets without a word for hours! It's so unhealthy isn't it?

Then Reese got addicted, day and night glued to the Ipad. No longer spend time building blocks or playing with his toy, reading or drawing. It's scary. Just recently he got banned for 3 days from using the Ipad because he didn't want to do other things when asked to but just glued himself to the Ipad.

Enough is enough. There must be a limit. So Reese is only allowed to play with the Ipad when we go out for meals, traveling in the car and when I am teaching at my teaching place (only after homeschooling work all done and good behaviour). On weekends, he will be allowed to play for an hour or two, maybe more... :)

Everything must have a balance. Very important. Even now I try not to use the Macbook or Ipad while Reese is around. Try to spend more quality time together. Need to get hubby to do the same.

Ever since implementing the new rules, Reese is back to his old self. Phew....

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