Friday, October 15, 2010

Sentence Writing

Reese has started to write sentences and words!

He started by writing words in his drawing lately and last week, he surprised us by writing his 1st complete sentence on his own: School is cool Reese is at school.

Cool isn't it? I was grinning with pride..... then few nights ago, he wrote this: The Lord of the Rings. Daddy labels this creepy... hahaha.

Few days ago, I took the opportunity to further encourage him to write sentences by drawing two stick figures and speech bubbles. Then I wrote simple conversational sentences and questions and Reese got hooked. Now he can draw his own speech bubble and write short sentences. Yesterday he wrote this: mm... I cannot swim.

My boy sure learns fast. Just glad he is having fun. He even knows how to use exclamation mark and question mark. I still have a problem. His writing. I am just too lazy (stressful too, he doesn't like to do those practice sheets) to get him to practise writing. He only did 3 practice sheets so far (A,a,B). Somehow he can write his alphabets but mostly uppercase letters and in his sentence writing, you see a combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters. :)


MeRy said...

Well done...

mumsgather said...

My boy aged 6 and girl aged 8 still do combination upper and lower case letter when they write. :)