Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reese's Art III

After watching CW games... On TV they were showing India's flag... Reese drew this that very evening.

Chinese temple with lots of lanterns

One of his more colourful art work. Fireworks!

Mickey Mouse castle with firework display


More fireworks

Tall structure

Angry Birds (I drew the green and blue bird..the nicest looking one..hehehe)
More Angry Birds

Reese claimed that these are no longer angry birds but happy ones... because they are making new friends.

A pan with scramble eggs, mushroom and sausages

Battleship with shooting cannons

Noah's Ark with sea creatures and corals

Tsunami with cracked roads and Noah's Ark and some other things

The most detailed Mr. F's house thus far. All his drawings are done on A3 paper

Construction site (Daddy drew the workman on the left)

Reese's bedroom complete with fan, cupboard, bed with lots of pillows and cushions, lamp, window with a firework view and decoration on the wall.

Tower of Babel

Castle with tornadoes

A more detailed castle with flapping flags (see the waves on the flags)

Lanterns hanging on bamboo trees

House decorated with lanterns, oil lamps, ketupats....

Sky scrappers


MeRy said...


MommyAngel said...

He really has so much patience in his drawings! It's not easy to complete the entire drawings and he did it! Well done! He is very creative too.

A gift from God said...

Thank you Mery. Just glad to have some quite time when he draws. :) No need to run around chasing after him!


My son is one of the most hyper in his school. And yet... when it comes to his drawing... he can seriously spent almost an hour doing his drawing! We just let him draw whatever he wants. We just provide him with lots of A3 paper and markers, colour pencils, paint, oil pastel....etc...

Rachel said...

I think Reese is very likely gifted in art, his drawings are amazing for a 4 year 3 months child. I especially liked the drawing of Mr. F House :)

Btw, I am hosting a giveaway on my site for moms with kids 3-6 years old. Do drop by

A gift from God said...

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for thinking so highly of my son! :)

At times we were also thinking he might be.... afterall, he learns everything super fast.

Will join your future giveaway contest. The math books you are giving away this time is too easy for Reese.

God bless!