Monday, October 04, 2010

Diaper in the washer spells disaster!

Yesterday evening, guess what happened? I accidentally loaded the dirty clothes together with Reese's night diaper! Aiyo.... what at the mess! The gel from the diaper was all over the clothes and everywhere in the washer.

I had to take out all the clothes and have it rinse by hand. One piece at a time. Then have to clean up the washing machine. No easy task. Mmmmm... next time will have to check the clothes before putting them in to wash.

Bits and pieces of the diaper and its gel got stuck to every piece of clothing

Mess all over the floor

Gel everywhere!

Even in the inner rubber....


MeRy said...

It is a hard work and It happened to me, I always make sure no dirty diaper inside the washing machine before pressing the START button.

LittleLamb said...

how to clean them? did u need to get a technician over?

A gift from God said...


I know... it's crazy... So now we are also extra careful.


How to clean? Just use cloth and slowly remove the transparent gel little by little and then let the washer go a few rounds of washing without clothes! Rinsing the clothes took an hour. Cleaning the washer another hour or so... it was really hard work!!