Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank you God for food....


(Reese said " Thank you thank you God for food, help us help us to be good. Amen")

About 2 weeks ago, we taught Reese to say grace before consuming any food. We haven't been consistent but trying to! Here is a video of him thanking God for food. :) He learned this simply prayer from his playgroup.


LittleLamb said...

hmmm he should be saying on the dining table n not on bed??

Cynthia said...

oh.. I was wondering for that too, how come on the bed.. looks like you are trying to give him his milk ah... :D

A gift from God said...


Because he is about to take his milk! :)

Yes... you are right.. he was about to take his milk.

Sharon Lee said...

May i know which playgroup Reese goes to?

Moomykin said...

My boys used to say this too, but now they insist on the longer version they sing in their class. :)

A gift from God said...


Will call you k?


Longer version huh? My son these days...will try to rush the whole process....hehehe