Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheeky Reese

So finally we have upgraded our camera from a Canon Powershot to a Sony Alpha 330 DSLR (RM2k plus). I tell you, sooooooo much difference. Just simply take a shot and the photo quality is anytime better. If you are planning to get one... it's a good investment. DSLR these days come with live view meaning you can shoot by looking at the lcd screen. It is also much more user friendly than before at least for us newcomers. I am just beginning to learn how to play with the shutter speed and aperture speed. So much to learn but the satisfaction is great! We took some photos of Reese with the new camera and most of it taken with the auto mode. Still looks so much better than my previous camera.

Waiting for noodles while playing with his Ipod

In the car dreaming...

Enjoying ice blended coffee at KLCC

Looks handsome?

Oh! look at that cheeky face!

Clowning around

Can never sit still!

Cold Storage at 1U

This picture... abit girlish?

My cheeky boy..

Doing his big business....


LittleLamb said...

he look so grown up....
congrats on ur new toy.. so more pix upload ya

Blessed mum said...

ya..he grown so much already! Think boys tend to be more cheeky. mine too:P

MommyAngel said...

The pictures looks so nice and he is as cute as ever :) We have been looking around for a DSLR too over the weekends but the one hubby eyeing for cost more then 3K and I doubt doubt doubt that he will need such a complicated camera. (so poor him, can't get his camera of his dream). The one you've got is so nice, I mean the picture and also price wise :)

A gift from God said...


Thanks..and yes... will definitely take more nice pictures and put it up!

Blessed mum,
Don't all kids grow super fast? :)

The pictures looks ok... still using the auto mode, hehee.. learning the techinical stuff of DSLR.... Wah... your hubby got expensive taste..haha... 3k plus.. The one we got... we are happy with's meant for newcomers like us...and it has enough functions for us to play with. Just need to buy more we get more pro...hehe...

Linda said...

So lucky.... much better shots.. especially with the blur blur background... hehe... thinking of getting nikon D5000, but still searching and waiting, cost around RM3K minus.

Moomykin said...

Waah! So handsome!

... and that has nothing to do with the new camera.

BabyBooned said...

eh no lah, i dont think that pose is girlish at all. he looks good :) congrats on the new buy!