Tuesday, July 21, 2009

33rd Milestones (very back dated)

Just a quick summary of his 33rd milestones:

1. Talks non-stop!
2. Eats very well and slightly more variety of food.
3. Gadget boy just like daddy.
4. Beginning to show more emotions! (Yes!) He will shout "I want mummy" if mummy is sad or hurt. Hehehe... then he will 'sayang' mummy (usually have to request).
5. Can be reasoned with. Most of the time he understands.
6. Likes to listen to more stories read by mummy and daddy.
7. Finally willing to play with puzzles.
8. Creative in his play now. Everything he holds is something 'else'. No imaginary friends yet. :)
9. Reads and spells better. Mummy lazy to teach just go with the flow or whenever he is interested.
10. Very active and hardly sits still. Always on the run!
11. Plays well with other children.
12. He is 18kgs +-, height probably 100cm (haven't measured)
13. Clothing has to wear western size 3-4 yrs for t-shirts and 5 yrs for pants!
14. Now everyone thinks he is at least 4 years old. Gosh... he is not even 3 yet... hehe
15. Still as smart as ever, absorb things like a sponge.

I love him sooooooo much. Ahhhh.....


Baby Darren said...

Happy 33 months old, Reese!!!

You are heavy.....and cheeky too. :)

Leona said...

Soon Reese will be touching 3! 2 more months!Planning a big bday bash?
Well done, Reese!!! ( Pat on back!)

A gift from God said...

Baby Darren,

Thank you...and yes... Reese is heavy and over weight...haha..

Yeah..soon...not sure whether we want a big do or not.... but I guess this time... he will enjoy his party and knows that it is specially for him... :)

The Frequent Foreigner said...

For some reason western sizing is much smaller than it should be. James was always wearing 2 sizes bigger until we got to SG where he is wearing his actual size!!
Reese doesn't look overwight at all la!! Trust me, after spending time in the UK and US, I know an overweight child when I see one!! xxx

Merryn said...

wow, he is tall!

A gift from God said...


We were shown the growing chart and Reese's weight is beyond the chart! So technically he is overweight... hehehe..


Yeah.. he is for his age.

Moomykin said...

They grow so fast, don't they?
*sigh* Just can't get enough of them...

The talking non-stop part is just like my boys. hahaha...

BabyBooned said...

happy belated 33 months, reese handsome fella :)

geez, our boys can gang lah. gib's wearing clothes for 3-4 year old too. sometimes 5 year-old size too! like at debenhams, did u see how small the size 4 is..?? crayzee.