Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Visit to Singapore...

Last Friday night we drove to Johor Bharu and spent the weekend there and went over to Singapore. We stayed at a TNB rest house with some friends. It was a really big bungalow and very comfortable. Fully air-conditioned. Upon arrival, it was about 12am. Reese woke up and got all excited and didn't want to sleep till about 2am!

On Saturday we went to Singapore and took Reese to the Bird Park. He was so excited upon seeing the penguins and later some big pelicans. It was a good experience for him. He learned a few new species of birds too. :) Then we headed back to Johor Bahru to have dinner with our friends. It was a really lovely dinner. Thank you Lena! After dinner we headed back to the bungalow and chit chatted with our friends while Reese had fun playing with another friend's son till quite late.

On Sunday, we went to the Singapore Zoo. Hubby and I felt that the Singapore Zoo is more fun and Reese had a lot of great experiences there. One of them was watching an animal show. For the first time he sat quietly and patiently waiting for the animals to come out. He sat through the entire show. Then we continue exploring the place looking at animals. Then we went for the Elephant show and we sat right in front and didn't know that the Elephants would give you a few splashes! Reese got shocked and cried cause we were all wet...hahaha... we didn't stay for the show and instead had to calm a terrified child! After we dried ourselves. The highlight was when we took Reese to feed the giraffes. Reese was not afraid at all. It's worth paying $5 SG for it.

It was so tiring, we had lunch there and I tell you, Singapore's KFC is just not as nice as Malaysia. Their coleslaw tastes weird, like there is a hint of durian in it... don't believe me? try it the next time you go Singapore. Anyway... we spent about 5 hours plus at the zoo. Reese took a nap in between. He got to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream. We all had a good but tiring time!

Going over to Singapore using the causeway was crazy jam on a Saturday! Coming back is no difference. We had to use the second link to avoid the jam when going into Singapore and coming back we used the causeway and got stuck in a bad traffic jam. Not to mentioned we got lost a few times even using the GPS! Poor hubby had to go in circles at times just to find the right direction.

First time eating mee rebus!

At the Singapore Bird Park

His favaourite exhibit... penguins!

Can you see how tired Reese was?

Father and Son

The tallest man made waterfall

Jumping around


At the Singapore Zoo

Waiting to go in...

Watching the baboons chasing each other...

Refused his stroller, 90% of the time he walked...

Mummy and Reese enjoying the animal show

Taking a nap after lunch... mummy and daddy got to watch lions and it happened to be feeding time.... we were right in front of the lion exhibits!

Feeding giraffes

It was really a great experience for Reese

Our cousins?

At the splash zone but Reese was too tired and didn't want to play...

Enjoying a whole cone of Ben & Jerry ice cream all by himself before going back!

Feeding the giraffe...


Blessed mum said...

wow! He is brave! My boy won't feed the giraffe! and same here, my boy cried when the elephants sprayed water at him :)

A gift from God said...

Blessed mum,
Generally he is not afraid of any animals. Ah... I got shocked myself and trying to shield my little one when the splashes came! Hahaha...

It's a really nice place to visit isn't it?

Cynthia said...

Nice place there... next trip should be the night safari... also another amazing place for kids... ")

Baby Darren said...

wah...envy...envy...I want to go Singapore too....

Now with the flu around, hubby not wanting to bring us anywhere...:(

So happy to see Reese enjoying himself in the bird park and zoo...great experience for him.

He does look like a 4 year boy la...so tall for his age..

BabyBooned said...

thats the thing about spore fastfoods. all our sporean friends come over to jb side to have fastfoods instead! we didnt believe them until H tried it himself and said that they were definitely not lying :p

i had to laugh when i saw how reese wears his stroller belt. gib wears it the same way too! he grumbles an awful lot if we put it on the right way! hahaha

A gift from God said...

It was amazing... next time you can take princess there!

Baby Darren,
Aiya... it's oklah... :)

Baby Booned,
Their fast food is really teruk! hehehe...

As for the stroller, Reese only 1 week before the trip decided to sit on it for FUN. We kept the stroller for a very very long time... :)