Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reese is happy so are Mummy and Daddy

Reese has fully recovered since Saturday. He was still a little weak but on Sunday he was full of energy again. It was a really tough week but glad that the little one is fine and happy again. Thank you everyone for your advice and well wishes! I hope Reese will never be sick again (ha..doubt it) so that I don't have to feed him medicine. Anyway.... don't want to think about it now...he he...

Yesterday a neighbour commented that Reese runs super fast and has a lot of energy... looking at him chasing the bubbles and running from one end of the swimming pool to the other and a Jeh jeh(student of mine) having a hard time chasing after him... maybe he is very fast... so happy that he has fully recovered. It is enjoyable watching him enjoying himself with other children.

Lately, Reese likes coming close to me and just lie on me or just rub his head against my body and hold my hands and when I give him kisses, he would press his cheeks against my mouth and let me kiss him repeatedly... ah...love all of the little gestures my boy is making.... :)

Reese is growing up so fast.... so fast....

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Moomykin said...

Yes, they grow so fast.

Glad he is doing well again.