Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Making a Light Hat

We are studying about circuits and one of the experiment is to test out a series circuit. With this series circuit, we made a light hat. Nothing fancy but enough to function like one. Tonight the boy is going to test it out in the dark. :)

I bought the electronic components from Radio Shack. If you have the time, do visit Jalan Pasar where they have a street filled with electronic shops. It has better selection and definitely cheaper.

Reese working on his first DIY circuit. Need to work on his motor skill!

A series circuit. We use this to make the light hat.

While working on the connection of wires, I burned my finger and a blister developed. *Duh*

See the burned mark of the adhesive tape on the top left? That is where my finger got burned.

A simple switch

Before adding the foil. 

Finished product. Not very nice but it functions. :)

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