Friday, June 08, 2012

Trying his hands on excavation!

A couple of days ago Reese took an interest in dinosaurs. He has been reading about them in The Magic School Bus book. Last year I bought an excavation kit which was in storage. This morning, a very excited Reese got to 'excavate' and be a paleontologist for an hour plus. It was fun chiseling, knocking and brushing looking for fossil bones. Not recommended for younger children because of the dust from the plaster. Even with Reese, I had to constantly sweep the dust off to avoid a very dusty environment.

Love the book but had to constantly check the pronunciation of the various dino names and scientific terms! You can get the excavation kit from Popular and Toys R Us 
It comes in a block in plaster
A lot of hard work and has to be patient
Having lots of fun
Helping me to clean up every 10 minutes otherwise very messy and dusty
cleaning up the 'fossil' bones
We have yet to put the bones together. Will do so tonight.


MeRy said...

Look so fun....

Linda said...

lots of fun....

Nina said...

we did this once and i freaked out about the dust. lol! ure such a good sport!

A gift from God said...

Yes mummies, it is fun if you don't mind the dust!

the dust freaks me out too...hahaha