Sunday, June 10, 2012

Math Progress

Math is one subject that Reese hates to do. He just hates to do addition/ subtraction because it involves some thinking/counting. Reese was taught to count without using fingers. He was taught addition and subtraction facts. At this stage, he can basically add and subtract by carrying one over or bringing forward one. He can add/subtract in thousands or more. BUT he still hates doing it. :)

Reese has started doing multiplication. Something new and thus not complaining. Just recently we set up a stall to sell some food at the homeschooler sports day. Reese had a chance to apply math when he sell his food. There on, he seemed to understand the use of math. Yesterday while driving, I made up some math problems orally and told Reese to help me solve the problems. He happily did them and ask for more. Today, while resting in the room, we made up word problems and solving them. Lots of fun and Reese was learning math without complaining. 

One of his problems goes like that:

A cow likes to eat dogs. One day, he ate two dogs. How many dogs did he eat in the month of May (the cow eats 2 dogs a day)?

2 x 31 days (month of May) = 62 dogs.

Can you believe it? My Reese who hates math made up this question! :)

I now realized that Reese is actually ok with math as long as there is no repetitive math practices. He is quite fast in math despite only doing 3 to 4 worksheets in a week. He almost completed the 1st book of Grade 2 math. He can read time very well including the minutes. He can spell number words up to thousands. I am getting him a set of math in story format meant for gifted children. With minimal practices and it teaches math through every day life of a 5 year old boy. Sounds interesting right? Can't wait to get it and use it with Reese. I think he will appreciate it and hopefully he will like math better.

Designed his own math worksheet


Mumsgather said...

The book sounds wonderful and your Reese is so innovative at coming up with his own sums. :)

Leona said...

I like the cow eating the dogs question. cute.

A gift from God said...


The books are great but expensive! Will do a review once I get them!

Reese came up with even more funny questions...can't remember them all. :)

LittleLamb said...

Hv you tried Poh Yew's materials on Maths? She is really fantastic.

A gift from God said...


Nope, have not seen Poh Yew's math but I have found something that I think Reese would love!