Thursday, June 24, 2010

School Holidays

I am quite good at dancing!

Surprise early birthday celebration for paternal grandparents

Father's day celebration at home with daddy and paternal and maternal grandads

I am a big boy now!

Being goofy!

Having fun with the birdies!

This boy has no fear of animals!

The June holidays was quite good. Reese's paternal grandparents came down from Penang to spent some time with him and that gave him a lot of company and attention! His grandparents were gaga over him! :)

I got a break too. Over the two weeks we celebrated my birthday (kinda! and hubby got me a new watch), Father's day and my in-laws birthdays. Took Reese to the malls, he came in close contact with birdies, had a fun time watching a magic show and kinda participate in it as well and best of all, he got a free balloon ride again (Pavilion).

Reese also pick up more Hokkien thanks to my in-laws.

This is totally hilarious! My son is really hyper and even the clown can't control him! :)

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