Friday, June 04, 2010

Museum RMAF Field Trip

We had a field trip yesterday to RMAF Museum at the old airport in Sungai Besi. I didn't know it exists! First impression when we reached the entrance was bad. Entrance didn't look much of an entrance and all I can see was some 'pondoks' and container like structure. When we went in, one of the teacher went to search for a guide to take us around. The guide wasn't much help actually, can't speak English and only did very little explanation about the aircraft.

The kids were very excited when they saw some helicopters landing and taking off from the runway. We were then taken to the main hangar where some planes and helicopters were on display. I started to feel excited as I have never been this close to so many aircraft! There is even a helicopter where the kids can actually sit in it and play with the switches and stuff. It's actually not bad at all.

There are a few planes on display outside the hangar and one of the plane was open for kids to climb in and explore. The kids were really enjoying themselves even though they didn't learn much about the aircraft but they got to play around and be in the aircraft. That is good enough for them. Reese even started drawing aircrafts that very day at home! :)

Overall, it is highly recommended. It is free too!

Having fun looking at the 'Big' planes

Planes on display inside the hangar

Excited playing with grass and ferns while waiting for helicopter to take off

Everyone waiting for the helicopter to take off

This is Bell. Children are allowed to sit inside and explore with the gears and switches

Reese loves playing with the gears and switches

Didn't want to get out... Was playing in there for a good 10 minutes

Inside one of the planes

Having snacks after the visit


Irene said...

Oh... do you also know priscilla and edwin who's son recently visited the RMAF? Looks like real fun!

A gift from God said...

Sorry... don't know both of them... who are they? :)