Friday, March 12, 2010

Kids' Theatre

One of the cast member (She was Gerald the giraffe)

Trying to go on Stage

Waiting excitedly to go in

If you have been following my blog you would know that Reese has a phobia of large crowds, loud music and sudden clapping and laughter. Reese's school decided to take the children to a kids' theatre performance entitled 'Giraffes Can't Dance' before the start of the term break. I was hesitant simply because of his phobia. I was afraid that my money will go down the drain with us leaving the performance the moment it begins. So after some thinking at the last minute I decided to take the risk!

Been prepping Reese for it, the school has been preparing the kids too. The teacher told them the story twice and told them how to behave when at the theatre. I had also been doing my part by showing Reese some pictures of the puppets and what to expect.

So the big day came yesterday. We were all so excited. Reese can't wait to go and once there, we waited for about 20 minutes to get in (Playing and running around with his classmates) and the moment the opened the doors.... my Reese saw a little of the inside... dark, loud music ( music of some animals in the jungle) and the cast members welcoming us!

Reese panicked.... and my heart was thinking... oh no..... He refused to get in and wanted to leave.... tried persuading him but didn't work! so I carried him and he immediately started to struggle and grunt and started to throw violent tantrums! Managed to get him to our sitting place and tried all kinds of persuasion and eventually got some sweets from the teacher to calm him down. He ate 5 Mentos sweets! (First time eating sweets!) So my boy finally calm down and to cut the story short, he had a great time there interacting with the cast members and laughed, screamed and talked and etc...

I was very proud of him and was glad that I took the risk and did not waste the RM80 (We got a free upgrade to premium seats. We 3rd row from the stage!) :)

About the performance:

It's kids' theatre by Blunderbus Company from the U.K.
The performance was quite good with 3 actors taking different roles in the story.
Props were simple. Some puppets and minimal stage props.
Actors were very engaging with the audience. The children loved it. Before the start of the performance, the actors took time to chat with the children at their seats.

Verdict: It's great for the kids and great performance from the actors. It's really meant for young children.

Next step is to bring Reese to the movies! Hehehe....