Saturday, November 03, 2012

What's Up Reese?

Reese is growing and has become quite sensitive. So sensitive that he will immediately shed tears when something is not right. He has been talking about wanting to educate people about our environment, he wants to save the environment. When he sees empty bottles and rubbish on the floor, road or ground, he wants to pick them up and dispose them properly. It's hard to tell him not to when we have no sanitizer/wet wipes to clean his hands! He will get upset and kept arguing that we need to keep the environment clean.... *sigh*

Reese is also super cheeky. See what he wrote? This was done yesterday night. He said he wanted to create a list of things to do to me!

The list that got him laughing non stop!

He is still very much into Astronomy. We went to the Science Centre and borrowed even more books on Astronomy. Reese has been reading these books plus doing his own research on the net. He really eats, sleeps and talks nothing but Astronomy! No joke! First thing in the morning when he gets up, his first sentence is not "Good morning mummy" but "Do you know mom that XXX is bigger than XXX galaxy...." 

Books from the library. He especially likes The Universe Explained

Drawings showing stars and planets. He even wanted to make a movie to compare all the known stars!

He is into constellation as well. 

A space company he wanted to set up in the future. :)

My teaching white board is also his canvas.

His latest ambition is to be an astronomer. I wonder what's next? Will he one day be a polymath?

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