Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I am cool....

I am a cool drummer!!


BabyBooned said...

he's got rhythm!

MommyAngel said...

He is having so much fun!! So did you get him a kid's set back home? Angel also once saw a similar drum set and refuse to leave the set and asked us to 'Buy", hahahaha .... of course we didn't get her the set coz I am afraid that our neighbours will make a complain soon :P :P

A gift from God said...

You think so? hehehe..

Yeah... he is having fun but we did not buy the drum set because it cannot last...hehee...

Will consider getting him a real drum set when he is older... :)

Linda said...

So cool.... i think Reese hands getting tired.... hahaha

"I am a fine musician
I practice everyday
So people comes from miles around
just to hear me play

my base drum my base drum
they love to hear my base drum...

I am a fine musician
I practise everyday" :)